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Outsourcing my billing activities can reduce my costs by 20% or more? How?

Outsourcing your billing activities is a cost effective way to increase productivity in your medical office, and can reduce expenses by 20% or more. How? By outsourcing medical billing, you free your staff to do what you need them to – assist patients. Without the hassles and concerns of billing on their minds, they can perform better, more efficient patient care.

Outsourcing also slashes costs by:

  • Reducing staff expenses – no need to hire a full-time billing agent, which reduces Worker’s Compensation costs and payroll. You also save on continuing education costs!
  • Reducing postage costs – no claims to submit means no stamps to buy. Since appealed claims often cannot be submitted electronically, you can save a lot on postage!
  • Reducing equipment needs – you won’t need expensive billing software.
  • Reducing supply costs – you need less paper, fewer envelopes, and no HCFA forms.
  • Reducing telephone charges – you won’t be making expensive long-distance calls to insurance providers or electronically transmitting claims


Outsourcing my billing activities can increase my profits? How?

In addition to reducing costs, outsourcing increases profits. As a third-party medical billing agent, we have a higher incentive to collect than your full-time employee, because our payment is a percentage of billings collected. Our success depends on how fast we collect for you. The more you benefit, the more we benefit – it’s a win-win situation!

When you use an independent billing agent, reimbursement is continuous. Employee vacations, absences, and sick time no longer mean a delay in claim processing. We consistently and steadily process your claims, not only increasing your profits, but also ensuring a more reliable income stream.

Our expertise ensures that codes are correct and the proper forms are filed. We use highly specific 5-digit billing codes and know how to classify and categorize your claims, speeding up filing and reimbursement and ultimately increasing total payment amounts.

We are masters of the Dogged Follow-Up! We love to nit-pick and use our technical coding knowledge to ensure maximum payment. Physicians frequently lose large amounts of reimbursement money through poor coding. Don’t let that happen to you and your practice!

Outsourcing my billing activities can increase efficiency for both my patients and me? How?

Medical and dental billing is an increasingly complicated task, with many requirements, laws, reimbursement rates, and different billing codes for each payer. With so many insurance carriers today, it’s almost impossible for anyone other than a professional billing agent to stay current on all codes and regulations.

By using an independent billing agent, you eliminate the need to stay on top of insurance providers’ requirements and insurance industry regulations. This frees you to focus on patient care, increasing the efficiency with which you perform and ultimately benefiting your patients.

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