Streamlining Office Medical Billing

“Cheryl Sweeney of CLS Billing Services, Inc. worked with me at an arthritis pain treatment facility which benefited from her business acumen.

Her masterful knowledge of medical billing and coding, patience, and teaching ability were a key to helping the center and myself. Cash flow improved as paperwork tasks were streamlined. She is highly ethical, a critical attribute in this challenging field. Her terrific work ethic, combined with a warm personal style engages doctors, staff, and patients.

Doggedly pursuing accuracy while empowering the staff with appropriate knowledge is a trademark of her success.

It is a pleasure to give Ms. Sweeney my full and unrestrained recommendation. I would be pleased to discuss this recommendation.”

Andrew R. Klipper, M.D., F.A.C.P.
Founding Fellow of the American College of Rheumatology

When "Do-It-Yourself" Doesn't work

“My billing was a mess because I had attempted to do my own billing. CLS Billing Services, Inc. came in and resolved old files and cleared up current cases. Within three months everything was resolved. I have found CLS Billing Services, Inc. to be fast and efficient. The staff is very helpful in performing duties above and beyond their contract. I strongly recommend their services.”

Joan S. Mason, L.C.S.W., CAP, PA.